Frequently asked questions

    This is the place where you can find the most common questions quickly answered, if for some reason your question is not here, feel free to contact us.

    How do I book a studio?
    What are gripastudio’s opening hours?
    Does gripastudio have a partnership program?
    Can I pay a down payment to secure my booking?
    How much is it to rent a studio?
    What happens if I go over the time limit of my studio booking?
    What is gripastudio's cancellation policy?
    What if I would like to book the studio before and after opening hours? Is there an overtime charge applicable to my booking?
    Can I fit my event in the studio?
    Can I host a public event in the studio?
    Can I rent camera, speaker, music instruments, or projector for my event?
    What kind of contents can I show in the studio?
    Can I smoke or vape inside the studio?
    Can I eat in the studio?
    What is the difference between gripastudio and BRUNO Cafe in the Park?
    Can I book Workspace and GlassLounge directly from BRUNO?
    Is there a musholla in the studio area?
    Is there Wi-Fi? How fast is the internet in gripastudio?
    Is there an EV charger? Can I charge my car?
    Can I reach gripastudio using public transport?
    The site looks awesome! Who made it?
    Are there parking spaces in gripastudio?