Terms & conditions

    Last updated: 22 May 2024

    By submitting a booking request, you hereby accept and agree to the terms and conditions of gripastudio and its applicable partner/vendors, including but not limited to policies regarding cancellations and safety.

    Gripastudio reserves the right to cancel or modify your booking, or stop your event, if the event is deemed unsafe, or unethical, or may potentially infringes any clause stipulated in these terms and conditions and/or applicable laws.

    By submitting a booking request you hereby warrant, indemnify, and hold PT Gripa Studio Indonesia (gripastudio), the management, the host, and the crew of gripastudio, harmless, from any claims that may arise as a result of your event.

    Booking process and cancellation policy

    • Booking request. Before submitting your booking request, please make sure that the booking details as well as all information that you have provided is accurate, relevant, and up to date. If your event requires lead time for preparation (loading, decoration, setup, sound check, cleaning up, unloading, etc.), please allocate sufficient preparation time into your booking. gripastudio may request for more information/clarity if it is necessary. An email will be sent to you to notify that the request has been submitted.

    • Review and approval. Every booking request that has been submitted will be reviewed by gripastudio. Depending on the complexity of each event/booking request, the review process may take up more than 24 hours before you will be notified by email, whether your booking has been approved or denied. A notification of rejection will include a reason why the booking has been denied. Every content in your event will also be reviewed prior to approvals, as we prohibit any contents referring to any disrespectful behaviour towards ethnicity, religion, and/or race. We also prohibit any contents/activities related to politics, or any political affiliations.

    • Payment as confirmation of booking. Notification of approval will include your invoice and payment link. If the event is more than 7 days away, the payment link will provide you with options to either pay the invoice in full or make a down payment.  Down payment amounts to 30% of the total invoice and is not refundable/transferable. Please make sure that payment is made by the invoice due date, otherwise the payment link will expire, and your booking may be cancelled. If you choose to make a down payment, the remainder outstanding amount should be paid by the latest 24 hours prior to the event. An event that is yet to be fully paid will have no access to enter the studio.

    • Request to change booking details. Any change of booking details must go through the review and approval process; therefore, any last-minute changes can only be requested via email (to [email protected]) at the latest 24 hours before the event. Only the following details can be changed in your booking: time and duration of event, adding/removing facilities/add-ons; please note that these changes are subject to the availability of studio/add-ons as well as potential price change. Any other details can only be changed by cancellation and creating a new booking. Any invoice issued with regard to these changes must immediately be paid in full.

    • Cancellation and refund. Any request for cancellation and refund must be made via email (to [email protected]), at the latest 24 hours before the event. Request for cancellation received more than 14 days prior to the event will entitle for maximum refund 70% of the invoiced amount, however if the request is received less than 14 days before the event, no refund will be processed. gripastudio may withhold part of the amount paid to reimburse any reasonable costs that have incurred in connection with the cancellation. A full refund will be processed only in the event of force majeure, including government-mandated restrictions.

    • Technical meeting. A technical coordination meeting can be arranged at a preferred date and time, either on-site or online, to discuss in detail: rundown of event, seating layout and stage settings, lighting setup, loading/unloading arrangements, etc.

    • Use of gripastudio brand/logo. Unless the event is produced or co-produced by gripastudio, the use of gripastudio brand/logo in any promotional material, without any prior approval by the management of gripastudio, is prohibited. Requests for the use of gripastudio brand/logo must be made via email ([email protected]), specifying the need, concept, and proposed design.

    • Event sponsorships. Gripastudio upholds high standards for event sponsorship and can only permit sponsors that corresponds to gripastudio’s vision and mission. Moreover, as gripastudio premises are family-friendly, sponsorships from companies/brands promoting cigarettes of any kind, including but not limited to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vaping products, and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited from being promoted, sold, or distributed in any event or in any related promotional materials or activities.

    • No-show without notice. No-shows will be considered as withdrawing from the event, of which any request for refund will not be accepted. A no-show client without any prior notifications to gripastudio may be red-flagged and may no longer be permitted by gripastudio to reuse any of the studio/facility.

    • Refund process. Refunds will be processed approximately 7 days after the request is validated/approved. Refunds cannot be used/transferred as payment for other bookings. gripastudio may request for more detailed information/clarity if it is necessary. Bank charges, if any, will be borne by the client.

    • Entering and exiting the studio. Access to studio will be made available by (at earliest 15 minutes before) your booking time, as stipulated in your booking and StudioPass. Prior to opening the studio doors, our crew will ensure that the studio has been cleaned, add-ons prepared, and ready for use. gripastudio would expect you to be extra careful when loading/unloading heavy objects in the premises; no decoration/alteration/moving of studio facilities in the studio is allowed without prior approval from gripastudio’s management. Installation of decoration using nails or any sharp objects that may damage the studio/premises is strictly prohibited and may subject to breakage charges. The use of chemical/toxic/flammable/hazardous material (including candles and incense) is not allowed inside the premises.

    • Post event inspection. Please use our facilities with care and with full responsibilities; our crew will check for any item that may have been left behind and for any damage or inconsistency that may have been a result of your event, including by your loading/unloading/decorating activities. gripastudio reserves the right to charge you any damage or material loss, the nominal of charges will be based on gripastudio’s/management’s evaluation and discretion. These charges are to be paid within a time period agreed upon with the management team. Any costs associated with damages are non-negotiable.

    • Additional costs. A one-time IDR 200,000 loading charges will be applied as additional cost for loading/unloading heavy equipment/decorations into the studio. The use of our music instruments outside the MusicStudio will be charged additional IDR 100,000 per hour. Any event starting before or ending after the studio operational hours (08:00-20:00) will be subject to overtime cost of at least IDR 100,000 per hour.

    • Security deposit. gripastudio may, during the booking process, request for a refundable security deposit as collateral for the event. Any additional costs incurred will be charged to you by invoice or by deducting the security deposit. Refund of the remainder deposit will follow the refund process.

    • Temporary safekeeping/storage. In general, gripastudio does not provide temporary/overnight storage/safekeeping facility; however, the management may occasionally grant permission of such facility, with an understanding that gripastudio shall not be held responsible for any risk of damage/loss of the item(s) in storage.

    • Lost and found. Any left-behind items that has been found during post-event inspections will be safe-kept on a best effort basis for maximum of 7 days; any unclaimed item after 7 days may either be donated or disposed of. Claim will be entertained only if it is lodged or at least acknowledged by you, the client (PIC of event), and it is providing a reasonable proof of ownership.

    Care, safety, and convenience

    • Trash-free environment. You must respect that the area of gripastudio is eco-friendly, and therefore, you are expected to always maintain its cleanliness and comfort, inside the studio as well as in the surrounding area. Please reduce the use of plastics, any waste/trash produced by your event will be under your responsibility, please take them away, as we may charge you additional fees if you leave them in our premises.

    • Event conduct, governance, and contents. While at our premises, you are responsible for the governance of your event, including but not limited to maintaining the security, safety, and order, of all your patrons and surroundings. Please make sure that the activities and content/materials presented during your event do not violate any applicable laws, ethics, or social norms.

    • Compliance and privacy in content creations. You hereby agree that all content created, produced, or published within the vicinity of gripastudio shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, social norms, and industry standards. You also agree to respect the privacy of, and therefore will avoid recording or filming, our tenants, clients, guests/patrons, our hosts and crew, residing in or around the area where content is being created, unless written permission is explicitly granted. Any breach of this compliance or privacy clause will be considered a material breach, and may result in immediate cancellation of your event and potential legal action, not limited to penalty charges payable to gripastudio and request to take down such content from any social media platform.

    • No food, drinks, smoke inside the studio. Please do not bring nor consume any food or drinks inside the studio, with exception plain/mineral water. Smoking (tobacco or vape or e-cigarettes) is allowed only in designated areas: under the Rambutan tree and in the car park area. Other areas are smoke-free.

    • No outside food and beverages. Bruno Cafe in the Park is located within the building. You may enjoy the food and beverages at the café area and please do not bring any food and beverages from outside.

    • No alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, weapons. gripastudio does not tolerate nor promote, and therefore shall report to the authorities of, any use/distribution/safekeeping/possession of alcohol or drugs, or illegal substances, or weapons within the premises.

    • Pet friendly. While most of the area of gripastudio is pet friendly (pets are allowed only in outdoor areas), please control your pets at all times. It is recommended to keep them on leash, for the safety of the pets and for other patrons as well.

    • Health protocols. To help improve the air quality, every studio is equipped with HEPA air purifier; however, if you do not feel well, please keep your mask on at all times during your event and keep a safe distance between yourself and others.

    • Respecting others. Please show other patrons, guests and our crew the respect you wish to receive, behave whilst you are on our premises, and keep your voices down, especially at night after 22:00 inside the premises.

    • As the studio is scheduled for the next event, please ensure to leave the studio on time and trash-free. Kindly check all of your belongings before you leave.

    • Parking space. Free but limited. You are expected to be considerate when entering our premises with your vehicle. Your behaviour is expected to be, among others, slowing down and always give way to pedestrians, READ ROAD SIGNS, not honk horns whilst around the area, and to turn off your vehicle once you have parked. Secure your vehicle once parked and unattended. Our crew may not be available to assist, and we cannot be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle nor any loss of your belongings while parked at our premises. Parking space is limited, and there may be times where parking space is full and your vehicle cannot be accomodated. Please consider to be dropped off or make use of public transportations whenever possible. Parking is free of charge, and we DO NOT accept any tip nor valet parking service.

    • Use of CCTV for security purposes. By entering our premises where the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system is installed, you implicitly consent to being monitored and or recorded for security purposes. We are committed to respect your privacy rights and we will not disclose any CCTV footage to any unauthorised individuals or entities, except as required by law. CCTV footage will be retained for a reasonable period, and practical measures will be taken to ensure the security and confidentiality of the recorded data. While we strive to maintain the security and effectiveness of the CCTV system, we cannot guarantee its continuous operation or the prevention of all security incidents. We shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or claims arising from the use or reliance on the CCTV system, including but not limited to the failure of the system or the accuracy of the recorded footage.

    • Safety and security personnel. There are no lifeguards or security personnel on duty within the area, leaving all clients in gripastudio area without immediate professional supervision or rescue personnel to respond to potential emergencies or provide safety guidance.

    • Use of swimming pool.  The swimming pool is intended for use only by authorised individuals with sufficient swimming skills and proficient in water safety/rescue techniques.  Children and individuals who are not strong swimmers or with limited swimming skills must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times when using the pool.  There is no lifeguard on duty and therefore you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those under your supervision.  While in Poolside area you should at all times adhere to general safety rules/guidelines, not limited to: no diving, no running or rough play, no sharp objects, no smoking, no food and beverages, no alcohol, no pets. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the pool owner, operator, and gripastudio, from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from your use of the Poolside area.