Starting from Rp450.000/hour

    Designed by heart to enhance the overall experience of all varieties of events such as shows or assemblies. Equipped with a high-quality studio-grade sound system, ensuring that audio is delivered with remarkable clarity and precision throughout the space.

    The stage lighting setup is meticulously arranged to illuminate the area effectively, to further deliver an engaging visual ambiance. Outfitted with a generously-sized 300-inch screen, accompanied by a 7000 lumens projector. This combination allows for the seamless projection of visual content.

    Technical specifications

    Dimensions (main area):

    11m length x 11m width x trapezoid 3.5m - 6m height

    Dimensions (spectator area):

    8m length x 3m width x 3.5m height

    Dimensions (operator area):

    5m length x 3m width x 3.5m height


    Hard wood parquet, tiles, and portable stage

    Sound insulation:

    Professional grade sound insulation installed

    Studio features

    Speaker system:

    4 Bose L1 speakers and B2 subwoofers

    MIDAS M32R Mixer + DL32

    Projector and screen: (add-on)

    EPSON Laser 7000 lumens projector

    300 inch screen (6.6m x 3.7m - 16:9)

    Show lighting system: (add-on)

    16 moving wash lights and 4 moving BWS lights

    8 Fresnel lights and a Hazer

    Tiger touch II light mixer


    RJ45 cable with up to 600 Mbps internet connection

    Wi-Fi internet connection

    2000W power overhead capacity

    Mirror wall

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