Starting from Rp200.000/hour

    Backed by popular requests, an upgrade to StudioFive has been completed. The studio is now an indoor studio, with full body mirror walls, and an upgraded sound system. The studio also got a facelift, to upclass, and accomodate a wider range of your events and acitivities even further. The studio can easily be reconverted back to a semi-outdoor studio for those who still likes the smell of Jakarta air. The room is now also equipped with a HEPA filter to ensure the clealiness of the air you breathe.

    Technical specifications


    8m length x 7m width x max 3m height


    Wood veneer SPC flooring

    Studio features

    Speaker system:

    2 JBL Pro PRX One speakers and subwoofers

    Projector and screen: (add-on)

    Portable Xiaomi Projector 500 Lumens

    Portable screen


    Wi-Fi internet connection

    600W power overhead capacity

    Mirror wall

    Room extension to add 3 meters of extra space (soon-to-be add-on)

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