Starting from Rp250.000/hour

    In this room, the journey becomes as significant as the destination. The mirrors stand as witnesses to your evolution, reflecting not only your external form but the internal growth that comes with unyielding dedication. So, as you step out of this room, you carry with you not just the image of your physical movements, but the imprint of your commitment, etched into the very essence of your being.

    Technical specifications


    6.5m length x 8m width x max. 3m height


    Padded hard wood parquet

    Studio features

    Speaker system:

    2 Bose L1Pro speakers and subwoofers

    MIDAS M32C

    Projector and screen: (add-on)

    EPSON Laser 4000 lumens projector

    200 inch screen (5.6m x max 3.7m - 16:9)

    RGB lighting system:

    Philips Wiz lights


    RJ45 cable with up to 450 Mbps internet connection

    Wi-Fi internet connection

    2000W power overhead capacity

    Double mirror wall

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