Starting from Rp300.000/hour

    Designed from scratch to empower creators to channel their creative energies into their music and audio projects without being weighed down by technical complexities, making it an ideal space for a wide range of audio production endeavors.

    Studio features

    MIDAS M18

    2 Bose F1 Speakers

    RJ45 Cable internet connection

    Wi-Fi internet connection

    A plethora of music equipment to rent

    Technical specifications


    8m length x 5m width x max 3m height


    Hard wood parquet

    Sound insulation:

    Professional grade sound insulation installed

    Music equipments

    Equipments can also be rented in other gripastudio areas upon approval

    Drum set:

    Roland TD-17KVX


    Roland RD800

    Korg SV1

    Electric guitars:

    Fender Stratocaster

    Sire H7


    Cort evl-Z6b 4-string

    Sire U5 4-string

    Gibson 2018 EB5 5-string

    Sire V9 5-string


    Line-6 Pod HD500X multi-effects pedal

    Zoom B1Xon Bass Effect



    DI boxes:


    Klark Teknik

    Microphones - dynamic:

    Sennheiser ew100 G4 835 combo (4) (in StudioOne)

    Sennheiser ew100 G4 845 (2) (in StudioSeven)

    Sennheiser e945 (10)

    Sennheiser XSW 1-825 Dual (in StudioOne)

    Sennheiser XSW 2-835 (2) (in StudioSeven)

    Sennheiser XSW Base only (3)

    Shure SM58 (1)

    AKG D7 (1)

    Microphones - condenser:

    Sennheiser MK4 (4)

    Sennheiser e914 (2)

    Sennheiser e965 (2)

    Studio Project B1 (1)

    AKG C5 (1)

    Rode NT2000 (2)

    Rode NT4 (1)

    Rode NT1 5th gen (8)

    Personal monitors:

    Behringer Powerplay P16 (3)

    Behringer Powerplay P2 (6)


    Tascam TH-02 (2)


    KZ EDA Balanced (3)

    Sennheiser IE-40pro


    Mic stands (6)

    Book stand (4)

    Notebook stand (1)

    Guitar/bass stand

    Canare cables with Neutrik plugs

    Video/podcast equipments

    Equipments can also be rented in other gripastudio areas upon approval

    Podcast/streaming facilities:

    Rode Rodecaster Pro mixer

    Rode podmic (4) with WS2 wind shield

    DJI Mic

    Elgato Wave mic arm (2)

    Rode DS-1 mic stands (2)

    Desview T3 teleprompter

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Karaoke deck:

    Popsical Remix 2

    Video/continuous lighting set:

    Godox SL100Bi

    Godox ML60Bi (2)

    Godox SLB60W

    Godox SZ150 RGB LED

    Godox QR-P120 parabolic softbox

    Godox light stand 290F

    Godox light stand 260T (2)

    Godox RFT-10 reflectors

    Godox ML-CS1625 Soft Tent for ML (2)

    Godox BS-4 background stand

    Godox LSA-01 clamps

    Procore C stand K-1

    GVM 800D RGB LED with stand (2)

    Background screen 3 x 5 m: black, white, green

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